Identify artists Garth & Pierre!

Garth Amundson and Pierre Gour, known as Garth & Pierre, began working collaboratively in the mid 1980’s after meeting at the Banff Center of Fine Arts Residency. Now based out of Washington State this artistic duo continues to challenge notions of identity, gender politics and domesticity throughout their work.

Garth & Pierre have two photographic installation entitled HEAD(S) 2014 on view in CEG’s current exhibition Identify. Their photographic installations are composed of hundreds of vintage photographs collected from thrift stores, antique shops and their own personal archive of images that they collected for over 25 years. Make sure you stop by and see Identify, running through April 4th!

HEAD(S), 2014 © Garth & Pierre
HEAD(S), 2014 © Garth & Pierre

This installation is a by-product of both Cut-It-Out and Penetrating Cuts, which are scanned images of thousands of photographs and snapshots, both vintage and contemporary. In this project, we have selected to use the cut-out male faces to mount with two-inch bank pins directly into the wall. The display references the historic use photographs for scientific categorization and identification. In this context, we are reflecting on our own social construction and the fluidity of masculinity and how it is presented through portraiture.

– Gath & Pierre

Identify installation
Garth & Pierre HEAD(S),2014 in Identify