Ctrl+P: Barbara Levine & Martin Venezky

Image: We Have Been Where You Are Going (Horizon III), 2015. An image of collaged photographs of various colors and sizes forming a horizon line.

For our first Ctrl+P exhibition opening in 2020, CEG is pleased to show the collaborative work of Barbara Levine & Martin Venezky! In their series “We have been where you are going,” they create photographic collages based on imaginary horizons scattered across time and place. The artists' describe this phrase as one that "captures the … Continue reading Ctrl+P: Barbara Levine & Martin Venezky

New Works by Chicago Photographer Angie McMonigal

Image: "Urban Quilt 0488, 2019," by Angie McMonigal. A photo of skyscrapers in Chicago.

New work by photographer Angie McMonigal has been added to The Chicago Project, our online gallery devoted to new and established photographers in the Chicago area who we feel deserve recognition. Originally from Wisconsin, Angie has lived in Chicago for over 15 years, exploring the city with her camera ever since. When discussing her series … Continue reading New Works by Chicago Photographer Angie McMonigal

New Series by Jim Ferguson

Image: Jim Ferguson, Todo Santos 2, 2019. Exterior view of a beige building with yellow accents. The building has several arches and a green plant sits to the left side of the frame.

Chicago photographer Jim Ferguson has a new series titled Fragment From a Space. Ferguson tells us about his new series: While traveling, spaces grab my attention and warrant a pause. It’s not the contextual nature of the space that attracts me, it’s the fragment from a space that transcends the space. The fragment from a … Continue reading New Series by Jim Ferguson

Sandro Miller Returns to Catherine Edelman Gallery with “I am Papua New Guinea”

Image: Sandro Miller, Quentin Daki of the Nowra Tribe (Crocodile Around Neck), 2016. A woman stands in front of a maroon background facing the viewer. She is holding a small crocodile around her neck and wearing traditional garb.

Catherine Edelman Gallery is thrilled to host the second solo exhibition of renowned photographer Sandro Miller with his newest project, I Am Papua New Guinea. The exhibition opens September 6 and runs through November 9, 2019. The work will also be featured at Expo Chicago, at Navy Pier, which runs September 19 - 22, 2019. There will … Continue reading Sandro Miller Returns to Catherine Edelman Gallery with “I am Papua New Guinea”

Joseph Kayne Added to The Chicago Project

Image: Navajo Hat, October, 2018 by Joseph Kayne

Catherine Edelman Gallery is pleased to announce our newest addition to The Chicago Project, Joseph Kayne, who photographs the American landscape, the Heartland, Native American archaeological sites, and the Navajo people with large format view cameras. Kayne creates portraits of the Navajo people using tintype photography--a traditional, wet-plate photographic method. Kayne discusses his thoughts behind … Continue reading Joseph Kayne Added to The Chicago Project