Tami Bahat: New Interview!

Image: Tami Bahat, The Feline, 2017.

Tami Bahat was recently interviewed by Catalyst Interviews! Catalyst is an online platform sharing interviews from photographic creatives that support knowledge and community. Writer Michael Kirchoff describes Bahat's work: It is a person and photographer like Tami that I’ve had the honor of watching grow these past few years, as an artist at an astronomical … Continue reading Tami Bahat: New Interview!

Feature Shoot Interviews Tami Bahat

Image: The set of "The Mistress 1" by Tami Bahat. A woman in an orange, Vicotiran dress is having her hair fixed. She is leaning against a table where a huge snake sits.

Feature Shoot interviewed Tami Bahat, discussing her series Dramatis Personae and her current solo exhibition at our gallery Past is Present. For this exhibition, Bahat has constructed various rooms styled from the past, that incorporate her vintage framed photographs on the wall. Visitors are able to walk into a bedroom setting, a sitting room, and … Continue reading Feature Shoot Interviews Tami Bahat

Musée Magazine Features Clarissa Bonet

Image: Clarissa Bonet, SL.2018.0222, Chicago, 2018. The photo is predominantly black, with different colored light radiating from windows.

Chicago-based photographer Clarissa Bonet was recently featured on Musée Magazine! They featured her series "Stray Light" as part of their weekend portfolio series. Interested in the physical space of the city and its emotional and psychological impact on the body, she uses the camera to transform the physical space into a psychological one, providing a … Continue reading Musée Magazine Features Clarissa Bonet

Photograph Magazine Reviews Joel-Peter Witkin: From the Studio

Image: Joel-Peter Witkin, Harvest, 1984.

Robyn Day reviews Joel-Peter Witkin: From the Studio for Photograph Magazine! She writes, Witkin, of course, is well known for elaborately staged tableaux featuring dismembered body parts and societal outcasts that reference grand scenes from the art-historical canon. They’ve been described over the years as macabre, perverse, and gruesome. The exhibition at Catherine Edelman Gallery … Continue reading Photograph Magazine Reviews Joel-Peter Witkin: From the Studio

Third Coast Review Discusses “Joel-Peter Witkin: From the Studio”

Image: A screenshot of the first section of the article "Finding the Beautiful in the Dark: Joel-Peter Witkin's 'From the Studio' at Catherine Edelman Gallery" published by Third Coast Review.

Chicago-based writer and poet Carrie McGath reviews our current exhibition Joel-Peter Witkin: From the Studio, published by Third Coast Review. She describes the exhibition: The work of Joel-Peter Witkin stirs up an array of emotions and aptly tantalizes the eye and mind. From a sense of staggering beauty in their black and white soft-starkness (almost … Continue reading Third Coast Review Discusses “Joel-Peter Witkin: From the Studio”