Gregory Scott Paints Art Miami Red, White and Yellow!

Some people paint the town red, Gregory Scott paints Art Miami red, white and yellow! Jumping into Art Miami feet first, CEG splashes the walls with color from five Gregory Scott pieces: Closure, 2011, Warholian, 2014, Half Dome, 2014, Color Movement (Rectangle), 2014 and the premiere of Color Movement (Circle), 2014. Stop by and see … Continue reading Gregory Scott Paints Art Miami Red, White and Yellow!

In Still Motion is still in motion!

Gregory Scott may think he's camouflaged in Don't Fade Away, 2013, but we can see him spread across the cover of PDN's November 2014 issue! Stop by and see new work by Gregory Scott at his current exhibition In Still Motion on view until November 1st! Artist Talk with Gregory Scott

Great Scott! It’s Gregory Scott!

It looks like a photo, moves like a video, and sleeps like an animal... Great Scott! It must be Gregory Scott. To kickoff the inaugural year of Art Silicon Valley CEG went big. This weekend we're featuring three Gregory Scott pieces including Closure, 2011, Color Movement (Rectangle), 2014 and Warholian, 2014. This is something you … Continue reading Great Scott! It’s Gregory Scott!

Feel Like You’re In Still Motion?

Gregory Scott kicks off EXPO Chicago with three of his latest works! Accurately described as “a tour de force of integrated visual art” Gregory's work will stop you in your tracks. Clever playfulness shows through as you are simultaneously pondering and chuckling. Illusions of inventing, reinventing, disappearing and fading away are some of Greg's specialties.  … Continue reading Feel Like You’re In Still Motion?