Van Gogh’s Chicago Bedroom

Chicago has been a flutter about the Art Institute of Chicago’s exhibition, Van Gogh’s Bedroom. The entire city has participated in the Van Gogh fever, including CEG! Gregory Scott has been inspired by Van Gogh, as can be seen by his piece completed last year, Van Gogh’s Bedroom, 2015. This piece has been on view in the gallery concurrent with the Art Institute exhibition. Visit CEG to experience Gregory Scott’s playful version of the famous bedroom!

See more of Gregory Scott’s work on our website.


Gregory Scott launches a new website!

Drum-roll please… Gregory Scott launched a brand spanking new website! Now you can watch his videos and view his work on CEG’s gallery artist page and his personal website.

Go ahead, step inside Shot 2015-08-13 at 4.47.43 PM

Moving Photographs at Art Miami New York!

With technology advancing we could foresee the endless possibilities of video art. Static images are now constantly changing in real time! Make sure to see Michael Itkoff and Gregory Scott‘s moving photographs in booth C2 at Art Miami New York!

Michael Itkoff illustrates how to learn various skill such as posing and Tai Chi in his ongoing series, How To. His pieces are made up of photographic stills pulled from vintage how-to books. Michael layers these static images creating moving figures shown in short gifs. Come learn How To do just about anything from Michael’s pieces at Art Miami New York.

Gregory Scott’s newest piece Van Gogh’s Bedroom, 2015 is currently featured at Art Miami New York! Gregory’s pieces are created in a mixed media fashion combining photography, painting, and video into a singular photograph. Gogh see it at booth C2 before he heads back to Chicago!

install_10To see more work at our booth C2 at Art Miami New York please visit our website!

Who’s the man in the bowler hat? Gogh to Paris Photo LA to find out!

At this year’s Paris Photo Los Angeles CEG is excited to present new works by Gregory Scott!

The dapper gentleman in the bowler hat, who has yet is to be revealed, will show you the mystery of the ordinary at Stage 31 / Booth 16 of Paramount Pictures Studios. Make sure to grab your umbrella, because it’s raining men in Gregory’s new piece, This is Not Magritte, 2015.

Escaping the rain, Gregory reveals what goes on inside a master painter’s bedroom. Decorated with self-portraits, and fitted with fresh sunflowers, he depicts a comfortable bedroom made of striking colors. Check out the behind the scenes photographs below from Gregory’s newest masterpiece, Van Gogh’s Bedroom, 2015.

Van Gogh's Bedroom2Van Gogh's Bedroom3To find out who’s the man behind the bowler hat stop by Stage 31 / Booth 16 at Paris Photo LA, we’re waiting for you! To see more work by Gregory Scott visit our website.

New Work by Gregory Scott Premiers at AIPAD!

CEG is pleased to feature new works by Gregory Scott at the AIPAD Photography Show New York!

Gregory Scott has always been innovative throughout his artistic practices. In his two newest pieces, This is Not Magritte, 2015 and Van Gogh’s Bedroom, 2015, he continues to show us a great degree of intellect while bending the rules of photography.

Peek below for a preview of Gregory Scott’s newest pieces, but like most things in life, it’s even better in person. We hope to see you at this week’s AIPAD 2015!

This is not Magritte, 2015 © Gregory Scott
This is not Magritte, 2015 © Gregory Scott
Behind the scenes of Van Gogh's Bedroom, 2015
Behind the scenes of Van Gogh’s Bedroom, 2015

To see more work by Gregory Scott please visit our website or visit us  at booth # 204 at AIPAD.

Gregory Scott Paints Art Miami Red, White and Yellow!

Some people paint the town red, Gregory Scott paints Art Miami red, white and yellow!

Jumping into Art Miami feet first, CEG splashes the walls with color from five Gregory Scott pieces: Closure, 2011, Warholian, 2014, Half Dome, 2014, Color Movement (Rectangle), 2014 and the premiere of Color Movement (Circle), 2014.

Stop by and see Gregory’s layers of color and movement at Art Miami booth#C18! Download a complimentary pass for Art Miami HERE.

Gregory Scott starting the spin painting for Color Movement (Circle), 2014
Gregory Scott spin painting for Color Movement (Circle), 2014
Gregory Scott behind the scenes for Color Movement (Circle), 2014
Gregory Scott in-the-making of Color Movement, 2014

Watch Color Movement (Circle), 2014:

Gregory Scott at Art Miami 2014
Gregory Scott at Art Miami 2014

In Still Motion is still in motion!

Gregory Scott may think he’s camouflaged in Don’t Fade Away, 2013, but we can see him spread across the cover of PDN’s November 2014 issue!

Stop by and see new work by Gregory Scott at his current exhibition In Still Motion on view until November 1st!

Artist Talk with Gregory Scott

Gregory Scott on cover of PDN November 2014 issue
Gregory Scott on cover of PDN November 2014 issue