Disorder. Chaos. Fantasy.

A pinch of disorder, a smidgen of chaos, and a few dashes of fantasy are the key ingredients within Julie Blackmon's photographs. CEG is excited to feature Garage Sale, 2013 and Homegrown Food, 2012 at Art Silicon Valley. Come take a peek at Julie's fictitious reality where nothing is quite as it seems... we're waiting … Continue reading Disorder. Chaos. Fantasy.

Shelf Life at Art Silicon Valley!

Recently CEG started installing two eight foot shelves to display various artists during art fairs. The double shelf display system gives us the opportunity to interchange work on a daily basis. This year at Art Silicon Valley CEG is featuring works by Elizabeth Ernst, Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison and Holly Roberts. Come see what's on … Continue reading Shelf Life at Art Silicon Valley!

Find Your Prince at Art Silicon Valley!

Yes, one day your Prince may come... but why wait when you can find him at Art Silicon Valley! CEG will be featuring a variety Doug Prince photo-sculptures - and they're all quite "charming". Come find your Prince today in booth#13! Come Find Your Prince at Art Silicon Valley! Purchase Silicon Valley Art Fair tickets … Continue reading Find Your Prince at Art Silicon Valley!

Indulge Nature Inside Booth#13!

We're in the depths of Art Silicon Valley and booth#13 is as lively as ever! With splashes of color and life, Ysabel LeMay's awe-inspiring images force you to indulge nature. Ysabel's photographs lure you in and surround you with organic, natural and complex environments. Step inside and experience the chaos of nature at booth#13! Purchase … Continue reading Indulge Nature Inside Booth#13!

Is Your Face Hanging at Art Silicon Valley?

Is this your face hanging on the wall at Art Silicon Valley? Heather Dewey-Hagborg, one of CEG's most recent artist, illustrates the future of science through art. Heather collects cigarette butts, hair and chewed gum from public areas around various cities for DNA samples. Using these discarded items, Heather cracks genetic codes creating 3D face … Continue reading Is Your Face Hanging at Art Silicon Valley?