Sandro Miller’s new series with John Malkovich – Psychogenic Fugue

In Sandro Miller's new collaboration with John Malkovich, Psychogenic Fugue, David Lynch's most iconic scenes and characters come alive! After their successful Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich - Homage to photographic masters (2014) photo project, Sandro directs John Malkovich again, this time as the Log Lady from cult ’90s TV show Twin Peaks; Frank Booth from Blue Velvet and … Continue reading Sandro Miller’s new series with John Malkovich – Psychogenic Fugue


Labor Day weekend

CEG wishes everyone a relaxing Labor Day weekend. We will be closed on Saturday, September 3rd for our own day of rest before the fall season begins! We hope you will join us September 9 for the opening reception of Clarissa Bonet: City Space + Stray Light.

New work by Francesco Pergolesi

After spending time in Barcelona, Francesco Pergolesi was inspired to make new work. We are thrilled to share the new images and look forward to featuring all three in our booth during Expo Chicago in September! Francesco Pergolesi's images (made in 2016) are available as 10 x 15" pigment print mounted to plexi, framed and … Continue reading New work by Francesco Pergolesi