The AIPAD Photography Show New York 2012

Please join us March 29 - April 1, 2012 for The AIPAD Photography Show. The Gala Benefit Preview takes place on Wednesday, March 28. We are excited to showcase the works of Daniel Beltrá, Gary Briechle, Kelli Connell, John Cyr, Gregory Scott, Lauren E. Simonutti and Viktoria Sorochinski. Please contact the gallery if there is … Continue reading The AIPAD Photography Show New York 2012

Prairie Specimens by Terry Evans

Prairie Specimens by Terry Evans Late in 1996, I began a photographic aerial survey of mixed grass prairie, covering the area of its ecological boundaries from Canada to Texas. At that time I began reading about the nineteenth-century botanical expeditions to the Great Plains, and felt an immediate affinity and admiration for these naturalists. Probably … Continue reading Prairie Specimens by Terry Evans

CEG’s Control Rooms

While updating some work on Terry Evans' artist page, I came across her piece Control Room, Basic Oxygen Furnace, Indiana Harbor, August 31 2006 and it made me think of Lori Nix's Control Room, 2010. Both artists have done such an excellent job capturing how the passage of time has left its mark on these rooms, and with such … Continue reading CEG’s Control Rooms

Terry Evans on the cover of Chicago Life magazine

A mysterious package was left in front of the gallery door this morning before we opened. To our pleasant surprise we discovered that it was a stack of Chicago Life magazines, a bi-monthly supplement to The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, and Terry Evans' Ice Fijord Leading to Jakobshavn Glacier was on the cover. If … Continue reading Terry Evans on the cover of Chicago Life magazine