Laurent Millet: Somnium opens Friday!

We are delighted to present the first Chicago exhibition for French photographer Laurent Millet, whose photography combines the inquisitiveness of a scientist with the wonder of a child. We will present four different bodies of work that examines his ongoing fascination between the real and the imagined, and our relationship with objects. Somnium opens March … Continue reading Laurent Millet: Somnium opens Friday!

New Heroes by Francesco Pergolesi

After living in Turin for a few months, Francesco Pergolesi was inspired to make new photographs. We are excited to share the new images and look forward to showing all three (and more) in March at The Photography show, presented by AIPAD. Francesco's images made 2016-present are available as 4 x 6" or 10 x … Continue reading New Heroes by Francesco Pergolesi

Artist Talk with Serge Najjar

We are excited about our newest Artist Talk featuring Serge Najjar. In the video, Serge and Catherine discuss his background and what inspires him to photograph buildings in Lebanon. A Closer Look at the Ordinary runs through February 25. Please feel free to share this video. We love making these Artist Talks and when … Continue reading Artist Talk with Serge Najjar