Inside the artist’s studio: Gregory Scott

For those unfamiliar with the work of Gregory Scott, or for all of those who have tried explaining it to others in their excitement, we now have a great step-by-step visual explanation of his creation process.  In preparation for his first one-person show, Outside the Frame, opening Friday,  November 6, 2009, Catherine stopped by his … Continue reading Inside the artist’s studio: Gregory Scott

Inside the artist’s studio: Ron van Dongen

Ron van Dongen gives us a sneak peak of his edible garden, as ripe peaches are transformed from ordinary fruit to mouth watering produce, all under the watchful eye of his pup! For those unfamiliar with Ron's work, he plants, feeds, waters and cultivates his subjects, finalizing his passion in large scale color photographs.

Inside the artist’s studio: Rocky Schenck

How many people ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at their favorite photographer's studio?  What they do for fun, how they prepare for their next project, what ideas they are experimenting with, and quite possibly what their favorite cocktail is?! Well, last month, Rocky Schenck was the cover story for Rangefinder magazine and the … Continue reading Inside the artist’s studio: Rocky Schenck

Anyone look familiar?

Could this be a new Julie Blackmon print?! No, not so fast! It's a family photo sent in by Julie  of all her favorite little models, and aren't they cute sitting on the swing together eating ice cream! For those unfamiliar with Julie's images,  she's known for using her own kids,  nieces, nephews, and other … Continue reading Anyone look familiar?

Hiroshi Watanabe Q & A, Pt. 2

Here is the second posting of our Hiroshi Watanabe interview.  Stay tuned for the  CEG and Hiroshi Watanabe webcast where the artist will be asked questions about  various pieces in the show and the background behind them.  Part 1 of the interview can be found here. Jen Leutner: When I view the images from the … Continue reading Hiroshi Watanabe Q & A, Pt. 2