New Works by Chicago Photographer Angie McMonigal

Image: "Urban Quilt 0488, 2019," by Angie McMonigal. A photo of skyscrapers in Chicago.
“Urban Quilt 0488, 2019,” by Angie McMonigal.

New work by photographer Angie McMonigal has been added to The Chicago Project, our online gallery devoted to new and established photographers in the Chicago area who we feel deserve recognition. Originally from Wisconsin, Angie has lived in Chicago for over 15 years, exploring the city with her camera ever since.

When discussing her series Urban Quilt, Angie says:

We are surrounded by horizontal and vertical lines repeating rhythmically in steel, brick, stone, and glass. I’ve started to see this grid as a quilt. Because I don’t just see individual buildings standing there as imposing towers of steel. I see a patchwork. Different colors, different textures, different materials, different architectural styles, all pieced together. Some patches are pristine and new, others a little more worn. There are iconic patterns, immediately recognizable, and also bits that are hard to identify, fragments that feel familiar but are hard to place. Some blocks make clear that they were destined to be joined together, others look like accidents, or even challenging points of tension.

Image: "Urban Quilt 0174, 2019" by Angie McMonigal. A photo of Chicago architecture.
“Urban Quilt 0174, 2019” by Angie McMonigal.

Her work has been showcased across the country in places like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York. Publication credits include National Geographic, Departures, and SHOTS Magazine. She has received awards from the International Photography Awards (IPA) and Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3), among others.

See more of her work on our website here.

Image: "Urban Quilt 0553, 2019" by Angie McMonigal. A photo of Chicago architecture.
“Urban Quilt 0553, 2019” by Angie McMonigal.