Tami Bahat: New Interview!

Image: An arrangement of photographs in vintage frames hang together on a dark gray wall. Accompanying the photographs are various props such a a basket of vegetables and a wooden, vintage step stool.
Tami Bahat: Past is Present, 2019.

Tami Bahat was recently interviewed by Catalyst Interviews! Catalyst is an online platform sharing interviews from photographic creatives that support knowledge and community. Writer Michael Kirchoff describes Bahat’s work:

It is a person and photographer like Tami that I’ve had the honor of watching grow these past few years, as an artist at an astronomical rate. With a background and life steeped heavily in the arts, she quite literally gives 110%, 110% of the time. […] Her latest photographs are quiet, beautiful, engaging, and most certainly a nod to the Old Masters of painting. Beyond the photographs though, she has chosen to make her exhibitions an experience for all who encounter them. There is as much thought and process in their design as there is in the initial concept for the work she creates.

Read the full interview here.

Tami Bahat’s solo exhibition “Past is Present” will be on view until August 30.

Image: Tami Bahat, The Slumber, 2017. A photograph of a young girl sleep while leaning against a stool. She is wearing a pale blue dress with a white apron.
Tami Bahat, The Slumber, 2017.
Image: Tami Bahat, The Resemblance, 2017. I photo of a woman with long, white hair petting a small, white pony with similar hair. The woman is wearing a long, Victorian style, salmon colored dress. The background is all black.
Tami Bahat, The Resemblance, 2017.