New Series by Jim Ferguson

Image: Jim Ferguson, Todo Santos 2, 2019. Exterior view of a beige building with yellow accents. The building has several arches and a green plant sits to the left side of the frame.
Jim Ferguson, Todo Santos 2, 2019

Chicago photographer Jim Ferguson has a new series titled Fragment From a Space. Ferguson tells us about his new series:

While traveling, spaces grab my attention and warrant a pause. It’s not the contextual nature of the space that attracts me, it’s the fragment from a space that transcends the space. The fragment from a space I extract is enigmatic… uniting disparate elements into a timeless prominence.

With travel being one of the more memorable aspects of our lives, triggering a recall of those experiences prompts a visceral response. The images are named to elicit a sense of place, but aren’t representative of place. These images for me become postcard-like in nature for triggering memories, floating me back in time and place.

For the viewer, I seek to have the image be a catalyst to spark their own relationship to the photograph; whether triggering their memory of place or just challenging their eyes and mind.

You can see more images from the series here.

Jim Ferguson is part of Catherine Edelman Gallery’s Chicago Project, an online gallery devoted to new and established photographers in the Chicago area. Ferguson earned a BFA from San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He was recently selected for inclusion as one of All About Photo‘s “Rising Photographers.”

Image: Jim Ferguson, Chicago 2, 2016. A photograph zoomed in on a part of a glass building, creating abstract fractions of blues and pinks.
Jim Ferguson, Chicago 2, 2016