Feature Shoot Interviews Tami Bahat

Image: The set of "The Mistress 1" by Tami Bahat. A woman in an orange, Vicotiran dress is having her hair fixed. She is leaning against a table where a huge snake sits.
© Tami Bahat

Feature Shoot interviewed Tami Bahat, discussing her series Dramatis Personae and her current solo exhibition at our gallery Past is Present. For this exhibition, Bahat has constructed various rooms styled from the past, that incorporate her vintage framed photographs on the wall. Visitors are able to walk into a bedroom setting, a sitting room, and reading area, transporting themselves to another time when the past is present. The exhibition will be on view until August 30.

When asked about what inspired her to include props from her photographs in the exhibition, she responds:

“The idea is to create a unique experience for the viewer that invites them into this world. They can walk through someone’s bedroom and feel like a visitor in another time and place. It’s almost as if you could stand there patiently enough, the portraits and surroundings would start to whisper a story or two to you. I think they’re a great supportive element to the work.”

Read the full interview and see more behind-the-scenes photos here!

Image: Two photographs in vintage frames hang on a red wall. The red wall has a dark red vintage, wall-paper-like pattern.
Tami Bahat: Past is Present, 2019.