Joseph Kayne Added to The Chicago Project

Image: Navajo Woman, October, 2018 by Joseph Kayne. A black and white photograph of a Navajo woman sitting with her hands folded in her lap. She is wearing a long sleeve, traditional native dress.
Joseph Kayne, Navajo Woman, October, 2018

Catherine Edelman Gallery is pleased to announce our newest addition to The Chicago Project, Joseph Kayne, who photographs the American landscape, the Heartland, Native American archaeological sites, and the Navajo people with large format view cameras. Kayne creates portraits of the Navajo people using tintype photography–a traditional, wet-plate photographic method.

Kayne discusses his thoughts behind this series:

My initial intent was to photograph the Navajo people in modern day life, outside from the big-box outlets, the Walmarts, gas stations, churches, and grocery stories. […] However, something entirely different happened: after gaining the trust of the Navajo people (which took time and diligent efforts as the Navajo don’t generally like to be photographed), they approached me and asked to be photographed in their traditional clothing and jewelry. A very proud people, their dignity shined.

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Image: Navajo Cowboy, October, 2018 by Joseph Kayne. A black and white photograph of a Navajo man wearing traditional, native dress. He is standing in front of wooden siding with his hands resting on his belt buckle. His head is tilted slightly downward so that he eyes are slightly covered by his hat.
Joseph Kayne, Navajo Cowboy, October, 2018