Newcity Reviews “Joel-Peter Witkin: From the Studio”

Image: Journals, cameras, and other ephemera from Joel-Peter Witkin lay on a display table as part of the exhibition Joel-Peter Witkin: From the Studio, 2019.
Joel-Peter Witkin: From the Studio at Catherine Edelman Gallery.

Newcity reviews our current exhibition, Joel-Peter Witkin: From the Studio! Author Mark B. Pohlad writes:

The photos and documentary make it clear that Witkin is a manic stage manager constantly in search of new subjects, props and backdrops. But he emerges as an artist above all. Seeing the images in person reveals all manner of handiwork: the smudges, stains and scratches, and the blurred borders of his images are genuinely painterly. Moreover, his images burst with references to art history and, surprisingly, to his own deeply-held Catholicism.

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Image: Joel-Peter Witkin, Harvest, 1984. A black and white photograph showing a face of a figure, in profile. Where the rest of the head and shoulder would be, are plants and other unidentifiable organic material. The figures eye is closed and they face the right edge of the frame.
Joel-Peter Witkin, Harvest, 1984.