New Series from Bill O’Donnell

Image: Cube, 2017 by Bill O'Donnell. A photograph of the corner of a brown dresser. The corner is covered with a black and white drawing of a cube that has then been cut out and taped to the surface.
Bill O’Donnell, Cube, 2017.

A selection of work from Bill O’Donnell‘s series SOLID AND SPACE has been added to The Chicago Project! O’Donnell says:

Once introduced to the iconic shapes and solids in [geometry] books, I saw them everywhere, mental templates to be superimposed on any scene. The overlay of geometric ideals transformed a baseball into the perfect sphere, a building block into the flawless cube.

SOLID AND SPACE  celebrates the play between intellectual and perceptual knowledge, the flickering between memory and observation, the blend of mystery and delight when truth and truth disagree.

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Image: Dresser, 2015 by Bill O'Donnell. A photograph that is cropped so that it shows the wooden frame of a door, a wooden door, and the left side of a wooden dresser. There are three lines on dissecting the photograph: one from left to right, and the other going diagonal from top to bottom. There are two circles connecting these intersecting lines.
Bill O’Donnell, Dresser, 2015.