Michael Koerner Interviewed for Rfotofolio!

Photography platform and non-profit Rfotofolio interviews Michael Koerner, whose work explores his family history and genetics through small tintypes, using photographic chemistry to assimilate the bursts and biochemical fallout from the atom bomb. In the interview, Koerner discusses his use of alternative photographic processes, his artistic influences, and his love of photo history.

Rfotofolio: Would you please tell us a little about yourself?

Michael Koerner: I was born on an air base in Okinawa, Japan. When I was four years old, our family moved to an Army post (communications command) in southern Arizona. My father was a civil servant for the US Department of Defense for over thirty years and my mother was a homemaker.

I studied fundamental sciences (Chemistry, Physics, and Math) in college and then earned my doctorate degree in synthetic Organic Chemistry. Over the years, I became a husband, father, scientist, entrepreneur, care-giver, traveler/explorer, photo experimentalist, teacher and cat-whisperer.

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Michael Koerner, DNA #8313L – #8309R, 2019.