New additions to The Chicago Project: Lindsey Higgins and Shawn Rowe!

Catherine Edelman Gallery is excited to have added Lindsey Higgins and Shawn Rowe to our online gallery, The Chicago Project. Read more about these artists’ respective series  and see a selection of images below.

Lindsey Higgins
Lindsey Higgins (b. 1994) lives and works in Chicago, IL. She attended Columbia College Chicago and earned a BA with a discipline in fine art photography.

Lindsey is most influenced by the potential of memories, specifically, how such memories shape one’s experience with their own unique take on the world. Her most current project Empty Spaces speaks to the power of theses senses. Much like an individual’s sense of smell, her interest in color and the ways that it speaks differently to all has assisted her over the past three years to build her series Empty Spaces.

25444c, 2018 © Lindsey Higgins

Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces is composed of a collection of images exploring how light directly relates to the way separate spaces are seen. Each space contains a unique color palette as well as interesting formal qualities, such as the misperception of space and depth. I have furthered this observation by pairing each empty space with an image that mimics the color palette already represented.

172331, 2017 © Lindsey Higgins

A hexadecimal number titles each piece. The hex values are six-digit combinations of letters and numbers that represent three separate values, the red, blue, and green components of each image. By describing the work using hex values, each set of images is precisely named. With this knowledge in mind, audiences are able to interact with the work to later find the specific color they enjoyed most through referencing the hex value.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 4.27.37 PM.png
d8b69a, 2018 © Lindsey Higgins

I have presented Empty Spaces as a series of diptychs as it is relevant to view the work in two parts. Diptychs allow the audience to observe different perspectives on the same subject. In this case, each subject predominantly shares color values. My wish is to remind others of a specific moment or space in their life through viewing my work. By combining photographs from different environments, one that is heavily spatial and one that contains natural substances or traces thereof, I hope to take a closer look into the details of these spaces.


Shawn Rowe
Shawn Rowe (b. 1985) is a Chicago based artist and curator exploring the complexities of gender and social constructs through portraiture.  His long form approach allows him to embed with his subjects for months or years in order to understand them as complex beings.  Shawn’s work has been exhibited and featured throughout the United States and internationally including the Photographic Center Northwest, Aint-Bad and Der Greif.  Shawn is also the Assistant Editor of SKYLARK EDITIONS, a non-profit book publisher in Chicago, IL. Shawn received an MFA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago and holds a BA in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 4.16.48 PM
Untitled (hand on neck), 2018

In my work a quiet repose emerges, where moments of introspection grow long while light and atmosphere become tactile. Landscape imagery punctuates this self-portrait, serving as metaphor to discuss the symbiosis between nature and the body. characterizes this relationship as both internal and external, with each body leaving marks upon the other. The power structures that support this dialogue manifest as visual interruptions in the intervening space between reflection and perception. In this work I create space to discuss a range of definitions of masculinity, sexuality and gender in order to articulate acceptance and resolve.


The title describes the ambiguity of the project itself. In ancient times, V was used interchangeably with the letter U. V is the Roman Numeral for five and embodies a downward pointing arrow. For this work, the two lines that create the letter V intersect where the body and the environment exchange forces. These images represent a visualization of this conversation. The installation is emblematic of the work in that the scale, distance and dimensions are variable. Like the letter V, I am asking my viewer to bring their own associations and meanings to the images and the body of work as a whole.


The Chicago Project is an online gallery initiative by Catherine Edelman Gallery, devoted to new and established photographers in the Chicago area, who we feel deserve recognition. It is our hope to expose local talent to a wider audience and we plan on adding photographers as we find them. If you are interested in learning more about the Chicago Project or would like information on how to submit, click HERE.