New work debuts at booth A209

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the VIP preview yesterday at Art Miami! We had an amazing night discussing our artists with you.
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Throughout the week, we will be highlighting the 10 artists on view in our booth, so check back to learn more about each of their processes. Today, we are spotlighting the 3 artists debuting new work that has not been exhibited prior to Art Miami: Clarissa Bonet, Gregory Scott, and Ysabel LeMay.

Clarissa Bonet

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SL.2017.1019, Chicago, 2017 © Clarissa Bonet

CEG is excited to be featuring a new piece from Clarissa Bonet’s series, Stray Light. The artist describes Stray Light as: “an ongoing photographic project aimed at imaging the nocturnal urban landscape. We have all but lost the night for our progress. In its place we have formed a new cosmos, one of vanished surfaces and flecks of light. Carefully constructing each image from multiple photographs, I reform the urban landscape in my own vision – one that seeks to reconstruct the heavens in its absence above the cityscape. Light emanating from each window references a world unknown, evoking a sense of mystery and awe. We no longer look up to the night’s sky with awe. Instead, that is how we look out at the city.”

Gregory Scott

Time, 2017  is Gregory Scott’s most ambitious piece to date, and features 57 different scenes involving 12 actors in 11 frames, juxtaposing the cycle of human life with symbolic paintings about life and death. In this new piece we see numerous scenarios: the progression of a newborn into a child, adolescent, adult, elder person and finally into mortality; tabletop images containing flowers, skulls, musical instruments… symbols that have a rich history in Vanitas paintings (a still-life genre that thrived in the 17th century); and a salon-style room at The Art Institute of Chicago, where Scott references famous works by Whistler, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Da Vinci and Rubens, that reference aging. Within these 11 videos, Gregory Scott creates a narrative about the stages of life and the passing of time that begins and ends with the incoming ocean tide.

Ysabel LeMay

We are thrilled to have on view Eden I, 2017 and Eden III, 2017  by Ysabel LeMay, two of three interchangeable new pieces that can be shown individually, as diptychs, or as triptychs. Lemay’s technique is very straightforward, yet extremely time consuming. She photographs flora, birds, tree limbs, flowers, and anything else she finds along her daily walks. Once back in the studio, she assembles all her files into her computer and starts layering images, using hundreds of individual files to construct each final photograph. Balancing color, light and subject, Ysabel LeMay creates pieces that vibrate with an intensity often experienced in dreams. Wonders continues LeMay’s dedication to the land and the endless beauty it evokes.

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Art Miami

December 5 – December 10, 2017
The Art Miami Pavilion
1 Miami Herald Plaza @ NE 14TH St.
Downtown Miami
On Biscayne Bay between the Venetian & Macarthur Causeways
Miami, FL 33132

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