The locations that inspired Fabian Schubert

Fabian Schubert’s ongoing series Painters Portraits features artist Hank Schmidt in der Beek painting within landscapes that have significance in art history. Six photographs from this series are currently on view as part of Ctrl+P: Photography taken offline.

Schubert-numbered copy

Each image is titled after a destination known for having been visited by a famous painter.  We asked Fabian: who exactly painted in the locations of these photographs? and we learned some interesting trivia!

1. At the Herzogstand, 2013
Fabian Schubert: “Franz Marc, a member of the Blue Rider Group (“der Blaue Reiter” in German) painted here on the Herzogstand in the Bavarian Alps.”

2. At the Anse De Rospico, 2013
FS: “This one is dedicated to the ‘School of Pont Aven’ around french artist Paul Gauguin in Bretagne, France.”

3. In the Elbe Sandstone Mountains II, 2014
FS: “Caspar David Friedrich shows the Elb Sandstone Mountains in his painting ‘Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer’ which he painted in his studio and not in plein air.”
See this painting online through Hamburger Kunsthalle’s 19th Century collection.

4. At the beach of Etretat, 2013
FS: “Claude Monet painted exactly in this spot viewing the Manneporte in Étretat, France.”
See this painting online through The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

5. In the Zillertaler Alps I, 2009
FS: “This one is the very first of the series and dedicated only to ourselves.”

6. In the Elbe Sandstone Mountains I, 2014
FS: “C.D. Friedrich [as well], Elb Sandstone Mountains in Saxony, Germany.”

Visit the gallery to see Fabian’s work in person through September 4, 2017.
You can also see more of the artist’s work on his website.