More Artists Featured at Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary

We are thrilled to be a part of Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary presented by Art Miami. We are featuring eight incredible photographers in our booth (140). Yesterday we highlighted three of them and today we will focus on three more.

Francesco Pergolesi was raised in Spoleto, a small Italian village filled with artisan shops and small businesses. Now splitting his time between Spoleto and Barcelona, Pergolesi creates photographic tableaux inspired by memories from his past: narrow cobblestone streets, the sound of a hammer coming from the open door of a shoemaker; the smell of fresh bread from a baker, the steady beat of a sewing machine from an open window, the smell of old paper in a used bookstore.

Luna, Barcelona, 2016 © Francesco Pergolesi
Luna, Barcelona, 2016 © Francesco Pergolesi

Floriane deLassée has traveled the world showcasing talents of many people who can carry heavy loads upon their heads. Originally from France, Floriane went to some of the world’s most remote landscapes including East Africa, Ethiopia, and Rwanda in search of subjects for her series, How Much Can You Carry ?.

Aru, Ethiopia, 2012 © Floriane de Lassée
Aru, Ethiopia, 2012 © Floriane de Lassée
Work by Francesco Pergolesi, Floriane de Lassée and Gregory Scott at Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary

Gregory Scott builds sets in his studio that serve as his subject. In these sets, he records himself performing a variety of scenarios that are then edited into 6-10 minute videos. The sets are then photographed, and the resulting wall piece is a mounted photograph with a cut out for a monitor on which a video plays, and a painted element appears on the photographic surface. All of the hardware is attached to the inside of the frame, making his works self-contained.

Portraits with Mona, 2015 © Gregory Scott

To see more work we are exhibiting at the fair, click here.

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