More EXPO Artists

This year at EXPO we are featuring Jan Kaesbach and Guillaume Martial, two artists who were both recently featured this summer in our Still Moving exhibition.

Jan Kaesbach creates portraits of tradespeople that resemble contemporary August Sander’s photographs. The artist makes videos that appear static, yet upon closer examination, an eye twitches, a flame flickers or a hand tremors. Each “moving portrait” is made by seamlessly looping 3500 still images, which are then played back at standard film speed. The videos last between 3-4 minutes, creating a tension between the sitter and the artist, as each subject attempts to remain still. These are quiet pieces that allow an intimate interaction with the viewer.

We are presenting a grid of photographs by Guillaume Martial. In the photographs, we see the artist in a gymnasium interacting with three modules (blue, red and yellow). A modulor was an architectural measurement invented in 1945 by Le Corbusier that provides maximum comfort in the relationship between man and his living space. The artist tackles this concept by playing and interacting with three distinct shapes. The result is a surreal and comical piece about his relationship with architecture.

Guillaume Martial, Le Modulor 4, 2014

We are also, pleased to be exhibiting Gregory Scott’s work. Using illusion and surprise, Scott challenges the definitions placed on photography, painting and video, expanding its discourse and creating a dialogue with the viewer.

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