Chicago/New York Lands

If you are in the Chicago area, come in today for the last day of Daniel Beltrá’s exhibition Ice/Green Lands! The fragile state of our ecosystems is a continuous thread throughout Beltrá’s work. Aerial photography allows a unique perspective, emphasizing that the Earth and its resources are finite. By taking viewers to remote locations where man and nature are at odds, the artist hopes to instill a deeper appreciation for the precarious balance we are imposing on the planet.

CEG is open today from 10 – 5:30pm



August 19th, 2014. Ilulissat, Greenland

If you are in New York City today or tomorrow, come by VOLTA NY to visit our booth C15! We are showing the work of Gregory Scott in our single artist booth. Scott builds elaborate sets then he records himself performing a variety of scenarios that are then edited into 4 – 6 minute videos. The sets are then photographed, and the resulting wall piece is a mounted photograph with a cut out for a monitor on which a video plays, and a painted element appears on the photographic surface. In each video, he shows how he constructed the set that he photographed, breaking down the barrier between maker and viewer. His work is engaging and references art history in exciting ways. You have to see them to believe them!

Volta NY Hours:
Saturday, March 5th 12 – 8pm
Sunday, March 6th 12 – 6pm

You can buy tickets here!

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