Hirst-o-matic mania!

Gregory Scott’s newest piece, Hirst-o-matic, 2016, is with us in New York for VOLTA NY 2016. If you are in New York this week visit CEG at booth C15 to view this great new piece! If you aren’t in the Big Apple, you can check out Hirst-o-matic, 2016  below or on our website.

Gregory Scott builds sets in his studio that serve as his subject. In these sets, he records himself performing a variety of scenarios that are then edited into 4-8 minute videos. The sets are then photographed, and the resulting wall piece is a mounted photograph with a cut out for a monitor on which a video plays, and a painted element appears on the photographic surface. In each video, he shows how he constructed the set that he photographed, breaking down the barrier between maker and viewer. All of the hardware is attached to the inside of the frame, making his works self-contained.

Using himself as the model, Scott creates narrative pieces that reference specific artists (Damien Hirst, Mark Rothko, Vincent Van Gogh) that have had an impact on his life. Using illusion and surprise, he challenges the definitions placed on photography, painting and video, expanding its discourse and creating a dialogue with the viewer.


Above: Gregory Scott with Many Shades of Richter, 2015 and Hirst-o-matic, 2016
Above: Gregory Scott in our booth C15!
Above: Fair-goers watching Scott’s Hirst-o-matic, 2016