Ctrl+P: Photography Taken Offline – Jamie Diamond

CEG is thrilled to introduce our next Ctrl+P: Photography Taken Offline artist, Jamie Diamond!

Edward, 2013-2014
Edward, 2013-2014 © Jamie Diamond

Select images from Jamie Diamond’s Mother Love: Nine Months of Reborning series is on view through January 2, 2016.

Jamie currently lives and works in New York City. She received her MFA from the University of Pennsylvania in 2008 and BA from the University of Wisconsin in 2005. Since 2009, Jamie has been lecturing in photography at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently the Undergraduate Photography Coordinator of UPenn’s Fine Art Department.

Jamie has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally. She is a recipient of the NYFA Fellowship Award in Photography (2014), Artist in Residence at The Bronx Museum (2014), LMCC Swing Space residency (2013), LMCC Work Space residency (2008-2009) and the Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship Award (2008).

Troy, 2013-2014
Troy, 2013-2014 © Jamie Diamond
Coco, 2013-2014 © Jamie Diamond
Coco, 2013-2014 © Jamie Diamond
Mother Love: Nine Months of Reborning

In Mother Love, I collaborated with an outsider art making community called the Reborners, a group of self-taught female artists who hand-make, collect and interact with hyper-realistic dolls. Working with the community allowed me to explore the grey area between reality and artifice where relationships are constructed with inanimate objects, between human and doll, artist and artwork, uncanny and real.

After spending a year investigating and recording their practice, I chose to become a Reborner to gain a better understanding of the community. Nine Months of Reborning documents my introduction to the community and the making of my first nine dolls, as well as the working nursery I established in my studio and on eBay, called the Bitten Apple Nursery. Before putting the finished dolls up for adoption on eBay, I took a portrait of each with a large format camera. The final photograph is the remnant of this exchange.

Aisha, 2013-2014 © Jamie Diamond
Aisha, 2013-2014 © Jamie Diamond

Make sure to stop by the gallery before January 2, 2016 to see them in person! If you’re not located in Chicago you can view the entire selection below or on the gallery website.

Mother Love: Nine Months of Reborning © Jamie Diamond
Mother Love: Nine Months of Reborning © Jamie Diamond

Ctrl+P: Photography taken offline is an exciting venture at Catherine Edelman Gallery inspired by the hundreds of photographs we see on blogs and online galleries. Started in January 2011, CEG introduces Chicagoans to new artists we find while searching the web, exhibiting a small selection of one person’s work every two months, taking the pictures offline and putting them on the wall. It is our goal that Ctrl+P will provide further exposure for these photographers away from the glow of a computer monitor and without the temptation to click to the next link. We hope you will join us by unplugging from the internet and visiting CEG to see these photographs the way they were intended — in print.