New Works By Daniel Beltrá and Ysabel LeMay at Paris Photo LA!

CEG is thrilled to feature new works by Daniel Beltrá and Ysabel LeMay at Stage 31 / Booth 16 of this year’s Paris Photo LA!

Daniel Beltrá is known for his aerial images and documentation of the world’s landscapes. This time he traveled north to photograph one of the planet’s most foreboding crises. In his two new series Greenland and Iceland Daniel captures the decline of ice throughout the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.

Last year, they were saying there was a surface melt in Greenland, I think it was over 93% of the ice, and so if the ice really goes in a place like Greenland, that’s going to be an incredible challenge for all of us.

-Daniel Beltrá

Iceland 13, 2014 © Daniel Beltrá
Iceland 13, 2014 © Daniel Beltrá

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Ysabel LeMay is nomadic by nature. Traveling the world she unearths the energy of the environment around her and documents the beauty of nature. Her digitally composed photographs are made up of hundreds of images assembled in a painterly fashion, one detail at a time.

I photograph individually each flower, branch, leaves and assemble one by one. I usually work with hundreds of images to form one landscape. I don’t use much filters or manipulation. I respect the beauty of the plant and work with it.

-Ysabel LeMay

Archaeus, 2015 © Ysabel LeMay
Archaeus, 2015 © Ysabel LeMay

For those of you not soaking up the California sun make sure to stop by Ysabel’s solo exhibition, Wonders, currently on view at CEG.