Ysabel LeMay featured at AIPAD 2015!

Saturated with color and life CEG is excited to feature the work of Ysabel LeMay at the AIPAD Photography Show New York.

Last year Ysabel LeMay received the Women to Watch Award for her series Gracia from the National Museum of Women in the Arts – and they’re right, she’s a woman to watch! Full of energy her photographs allow you to connect, and freely wander within inviting scenes of nature. Ysabel’s approach to her artwork begins with adventures into many different types of landscapes. There she’s able to submerge herself and document all of life’s treasures from delicate hanging branches to the fallen curled leaves. Bringing nature into your home may be easier than you think! Stop by Booth #204 to see one of Ysabel’s recent pieces, Reflection, 2014. Select photographs are also currently on view at the gallery in her solo exhibition, Ysabel LeMay: Wonder running through June 3, 2015.

AIPAD 2015_11

My art is a tribute to Nature. It is an offering, a moment of contemplation. In this series, entitled GRACIA, I have chosen to expose nature’s paradox. Breathing new life into branches desiccated by time and to flowers left to grow wild in the fields, I create new spaces. Every living thing I capture has an individuality that I want to share. It is in the simple details wherein divinity lies. People have different interpretations when viewing this series, as experience is unique to each of us, but if you explore it with your heart, you will undoubtedly feel the freedom that nature offers us. – Ysabel Lemay

To see more work by Ysabel LeMay visit our website or visit us at Booth #204 at AIPAD.

Ysabel LeMay featured in the most recent issue of American Art Collector Magazine
Ysabel LeMay featured in the most recent issue of American Art Collector Magazine