Jess T. Dugan featured at AIPAD 2015!

At this year’s AIPAD Photography Show New York CEG features Jess T. Dugan!

11026288_10205510647302153_5671400427362614437_oJess T. Dugan’s  series Every Breath We Drew explores the power of identity, desire, and connection through portraits of herself and others. Her photographs challenge our perceptions of identity and the attitudes often defined by it. Her series Every Breath We Drew began with the idea of photographing people who demonstrated a common sense of identity she could connect with, whether physically or emotionally. Jess’s photographs have been featured in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Fusion Network, Advocate, and Photograph Magazine. Currently on view at AIPAD 2015 are two of Jess T. Dugan’s self-portraits. Make sure to stop by Booth #204!

Self Portrait, 2014 © Jess T. Dugan
Self Portrait, 2014 © Jess T. Dugan

In most of my images I want you to have to participate, even if it’s just to take stock of what your reaction is to that, but also to be invited into this moment in a positive way. – Jess T. Dugan

We also have photographs from Jess’s series Every Breath We Drew currently on display at the gallery. Please stop by CEG or visit us at AIPAD, Booth #204 to see more work!