Floriane deLassée featured at AIPAD 2015!

CEG is delighted to be featuring the work of Floriane deLassée at this year’s AIPAD Photography Show New York!

AIPAD 2015_05Floriane deLassée has traveled the world showcasing talents of many people who can carry heavy loads upon their heads. Originally from France, Floriane went to some of the world’s most remote landscapes including East Africa, Ethiopia, and Rwanda in search of subjects for her series, How Much Can You Carry ?. Her project began after she learned of the long line walkers on roads of Africa. Carrying cherished items atop on one’s head is common practice in many parts of the world, and is rather efficient when vehicles are not available. Her aim with this series is to stage each subject balancing items that they value most in life. Make sure to stop by Booth #204 at AIPAD this weekend to see what the people on view cherish most!

Bigawa, Nepal, 2013 © Floriane de Lassée
Bigawa, Nepal, 2013 © Floriane de Lassée

Leaving misery on the side, the models show a unique sense of curiosity, fun, and pride in staging themselves, proud to put forward what can be considered in lots of cases as their only survival means. – Floriane deLassée

To see more work by Floriane deLassée visit our website or visit us at Booth #204 at AIPAD.