Michael Itkoff featured at AIPAD 2015!

At this year’s AIPAD Photography Show New York we are featuring the work of Michael Itkoff!

Michael Itkoff’s photographic works from his How To series, currently on view at AIPAD, push the borders of traditional photography. His pieces are made up of scanned photographic stills pulled from vintage how-to books. Michael compiles these still images into short gifs making the figures move at increased rates, almost like action figures. The stills in Michael’s How To series will teach you just about anything. If you’re interested in learning how to accomplish various exercise positions, or want to learn how to master karate, stop by Booth: 204! Michael’s photographic video works will show you everything from combat postures to non-aggressive tap dancing.

Michael Itkoff's "How To" videos at AIPAD 2015
Michael Itkoff’s “How To” videos at AIPAD 2015

To see more work by Michael itkoff visit our website or visit booth #204 at AIPAD!