Jess T. Dugan’s Photographs at Art Miami!

This year CEG is thrilled to feature three pieces from Jess T. Dugan’s latest series Every Breath We Drew in Art Miami’s PERCEIVED VALUES exhibition. Jess no doubt digs deep to explore the nooks and crannies of identity while evaluating emotions. Her photographs are powerfully engaging, going far beyond portraiture. And now, they’re off to explore Art Miami!

Download a complimentary pass for Art Miami HERE.

Self-Portrait (Muscle Shirt) , 2013 © Jess T. Dugan
Self-Portrait (Muscle Shirt) , 2013 © Jess T. Dugan
Jess T. Dugan at Art Miami
Jess T. Dugan’s photographs at Art Miami

By asking others to be vulnerable with me through the act of being photographed, I am laying claim to what I find beautiful and powerful while asking larger questions about how identity is formed, desire is expressed, and intimate connection is sought.           – Jess T. Dugan