CEG adds new photographer to The Chicago Project!

CEG is pleased to announce a new addition to The Chicago Project: Mehves Lelic. Be sure to visit The Chicago Project online gallery to see more images by all the artists!

Untitled (Gostivar), 2013 © Mehves Lelic
Untitled (Gostivar), 2013 © Mehves Lelic

This series [One] explores the relationship of subjects with their environment with respect to two particular functions: singularity and time. Through the images I document the subject(s) over passing time, or in times far apart, capturing the change in the nature of their singularity or highlighting a counter-factual relationship with their environment by overlaying and masking. In certain frames the multiple subjects are indeed left in a state of loneliness (or singularity) and in others, they have transformed out of such state through the juxtaposition of many co-subjects in the single frame.

Perhaps through these experiments of overlaying and amassing, the photographs aim to reveal a true Notion of singularity that cannot be aided by the eye. The subjects are lonely. The various subjects in the single venue linger in different times; they are one in their own time, in a private space, and their oneness is captured and unchanging in the way that it relates them to their environment.

The individual images are products of documentary work, whereas the final work relates a documentary universe to a conceptual one. The layering introduces variable times in which the subjects and their environment interact in real or manipulated ways, challenging their private space and giving them an enhanced state of plurality.