Jeffrey Wolin: Pigeon Hill Then & Now closes March 1

This is the last week to see Jeffrey Wolin’s exhibition, Pigeon Hill Then & Now. Wolin’s exhibition features a selection of people he photographed from 1987-91. Through Internet searches, word of mouth and visits to the housing complex, Wolin found dozens of people who posed for him when they were young. Now adults, Wolin showed them the original photograph, and asked them to recall that day, and reflect upon how their lives have changed.

‘Junior’, Pigeon Hill / Shannon, Pigeon Hill, (1990/2013), (2012)

Through press from the exhibition and shared messages on Facebook (a good use for Facebook!), Wolin has been able to reconnect with even more people. Since the show opened in January, he has continued to visit with people to show them contact sheets and hear how their lives have changed over the years. He scans the older photographs to give to the families and continues to make new portraits with each person he visits.

Jeffrey Wolin showing contact sheets
Jeffrey Wolin shows Shannon photographs from when she was young with her mother.

We expect to add more images to Wolin’s Pigeon Hill: Then & Now series in the coming weeks, check back soon!