Gustavo Lacerda’s series Albinos on view at Art Miami

In 2009, Brazilian photographer Gustavo Lacerda began a series focused on albinos who live in his homeland. His first hurdle was to gain their confidence, as most of the people he approached were accustomed to the harsh scrutiny of outsiders. Once trust was established, Lacerda invited them into his studio where he used classic portrait lighting to create an atmosphere of calmness, allowing each person the comfort needed to reveal their personalities.

Isabel I, 2012

The resulting photographs show a group of people comfortable within their own skin, and with each other. From two-year-old twins, to three siblings, to a girl scout, Lacerda posed people against soft backdrops that compliment their skin tonality, letting the viewer focus on the gesture and pose. These are quiet images about a group of people often ostracized by society. Through Lacerda’s work, we are introduced to the beauty, fragility and complications of albinism, and the people living with it, who are frequently marginalized and misunderstood.

Gustavo Lacerda's work at Art Miami 2013, booth #C18
Gustavo Lacerda’s work at Art Miami 2013, booth #C18

ART MIAMI • Booth C18

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If you can’t make it to Art Miami, Gustavo Lacereda’s work is currently on exhibit at CEG. Gustavo was also featured in the Chicago Tribune today. To read the review, click here.

Gustavo Lacerda
November 8 – January 4, 2014
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