New work by Gregory Scott at Expo Chicago

This weekend at Expo Chicago, CEG is premiering a new piece by Gregory Scott entitled, LOVE, 2013.

LOVE, 2013

While discussing the work, Scott stats, “In ‘LOVE’ I create a dialogue between ancient Roman statues and Robert Indiana’s iconic contemporary Love sculpture. The overall tone is playful as L O V E is changed one letter at a time to other words, in the manner of a child’s spelling game. But there is also a serious undertone, as words like HOPE and HATE appear.

One of the elements of illusion this piece incorporates is a scene where small cutouts of museum patrons are standing looking  at the statues. So what appears to be the real people are actually the inanimate statues, and what appears to be statues are real people.


The curtain and set building refer to the carefully constructed stages that society builds to house our works of art.

LOVE, 2013 is a 28 x 40” pigment print, with oil on panel, and  two HD videos in an addition of eight. The video is 8:10 minutes and runs on a continuous loop.

A photograph from Greg's studio during the early stages of the new piece.
A photograph from Greg’s studio during the early stages of the new piece.

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