Chicago Project V – Jacob Watts

The Chicago Project V, currently on view at CEG, presents five photographs by Jacob Watts from his series Evolution. Evolution is a series that illustrates a timeline of human history from our beginning to present day. Each image shows a moment that defines our species in juxtaposition of the natural world.

Protesting, 2011

When describing the series, Watts states, “I am interested in the choices we make that affect our surroundings, and what effects that has on us. These pieces are created to tell our story to remember and learn from the past.”

Celebration, 2012

“Selecting from images I have taken over many years, I composite together new and old photographs to create new photographic illustrations. Much of this process of image making is planned from the beginning, but the images evolve and take on a new life as I am creating them. The creation of the work is always balancing complete control over an image, and letting the scene be created naturally at the same time.”

The Chicago Project V: Selections from Our Online Gallery
July 12 – August 31, 2013