Chicago Project V – Paul Marquardt

Always experimenting with new media, Paul Marquardt has produced digitally composed images, responsive installations and performance, as well as sculpture, drawing, photography, printmaking, and painting since the early eighties.

“Throughout my career I have created a significant body of work using new and traditional media, however, social dialogue has always remained a vital element in my work. Communicating with people of all ages, nationalities, and persuasions is my primary concern, using visual metaphor, surprising juxtapositions, and humor to comment on social issues. My attempt is to reach the pre-conscious mind where our ideas form, surfacing preconceptions for review and, perhaps, for change.”

Transition , 2009

Transition, 2009 is a 80 x 60″ pigment print on canvas and is currently on view at CEG as part of The Chicago Project V through August 31, 2013.

From L to R: Paul Marquardt, Eddee Daniel and Peter Hoffman with attendees at the opening reception of Chicago Project V.

 The Chicago Project V: Selections from Our Online Gallery
July 12 – August 31, 2013