The Chicago Project V – Anthony Vizzari

Anthony Vizzari has a passion for found objects and the darkroom. Together these two passions have turned into a series titled Scrapbook Studies: The Burn Series, which is currently on view as part of The Chicago Project V exhibition through August 31.

Anthony spends hours searching for and collecting old photographs and negatives. After sorting through hundreds of old negatives, he prints selected images on antique gelatin silver paper. He then manipulates the print by burning a hole into the surface of the paper. Finally, he collages the two images together allowing one to be revealed through the burnt area creating a new singular narrative.


Follow his process through the images below. It all begins with a flea market or estate sale and moves into the darkroom where each image is finished in the studio.

Flea market in Paris
Flea market in Paris
Anthony Vizzari's home darkroom
Anthony Vizzari’s home darkroom
Anthony Vizzari studio and work space
Anthony Vizzari studio and work space

 The Chicago Project V: Selections from Our Online Gallery
July 12 – August 31, 2013