Inside the Artists Studio with Holly Roberts

Prior to 2004, Holly Roberts made her mixed-media pieces by taking a photograph and layering paint over it. The paint would reveal or mask areas of the photograph to create a narrative. When she changed her process, she realized very quickly she needed additional space to create her painted canvases.  So in 2006, she added a porch to the back of her studio which allowed her to play with the paint by dripping, spattering and layering it on to the canvas. Below are images of Holly’s studio (the interior and exterior) and images showing different stages of her creative process. After each canvas is painted, Holly layers pieces of cut-up photographs along with painted paper, dictionary pages and other materials on to the surface to create the narrative. Come see some new work in her show, As the Crow Flies, currently on view at CEG until March 2.

Holly Roberts studio
Holly Roberts’ studio
Painting on the porch
Painting on the Porch.
Photographic elements pieced together to create figures and animals.
painted panels ready to go
Painted panels ready for the next step.
Putting pieces together
Putting pieces together.