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Viktoria Sorochinski has created a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for her upcoming book which will feature 50 photographs from her series, Anna & Eve. In the Kickstarter video, Viktoria uses audio from a conversation with Eve. It allows us to hear the words of the mature little girl we see throughout the images.

Eve’s Kingdom , 2009

Viktoria also collaborates with Eve to make the book more unique than the average coffee table book.

“Ever since I realized that Anna & Eve was going to be a long-term project I have been imagining it in a book format. Finally, after 7 years of work I feel that this project is ready to be seen as a book! This book will be an intimate experience: a glance into the magical, yet real, world of a mother and a daughter. You will get to see the journey of a little girl becoming adolescent through dreams, tales and adventures with her mother. This book is not going to be a regular “photography book,” because in addition to about 50 photographs, there will be 10 short texts written by little EVE in 2011 (when she was 10 years old). Her texts are incredibly philosophical, and reveal important questions about life. They are a thread that is woven throughout the book.

Surprising part of this book is a booklet hidden inside. It will be smaller than the rest of the book, and printed on different paper. In this booklet you will discover “Eve’s Planet,” a text that she wrote in 2009, when she was only 8 years old. This text is also quite philosophical in nature, and reveals Eve’s imaginary world, and her vision of her mother. In addition to this text, you will find in the booklet different images of Anna & Eve, that are not part of the main series, and have never been published before.” – Viktoria Sorochinski

Attachment, 2006

Check out Viktoria’s Kickstarter campaign here. Watch the video, read more about the project and support Viktoria’s Kickstarter today!! She is offering signed copies of the book, photographic prints and more!