Dialogue, 2011 by Gregory Scott

A recent video by Gregory Scott is now on view at CEG. Dialogue, 2011 is a 9 minute video based on the work of Roy Lichtenstein. Greg shared with us a few of his ideas behind making this piece:

“Some of Roy Lichtenstein’s most iconic works depict single out-of-context frames from romance comics. Focusing on this theme, I set out to comment on relationships. Specifically the differences in men’s and women’s priorities and communication styles in a relationship. When it comes to love, what we say, think, want, and assume all come together to create a distorted reflection of what is really going on. I find both humor and misfortune in this dynamic and incorporated both into the video for Dialogue.”

Stop by CEG to see this piece in person. Be prepared to stay and watch the full 9 minute video, though, as this piece will suck you in…

Dialogue, 2011 © Gregory Scott
32 x 48″ archival digital print, silkscreen on vinyl, oil on panel, and HD video
Ed of 6 + 2AP