Ctrl+P: Photography taken offline – Caitlin Teal Price

Ctrl+P: Photography taken offline is an exciting venture at Catherine Edelman Gallery inspired by the hundreds of photographs we see on blogs and online galleries. Started in January 2011, CEG introduces Chicagoans to new artists we find while searching the web, exhibiting a small selection of one person’s work every two months, taking the pictures offline and putting them on the wall. It is our goal that Ctrl+P will provide further exposure for these photographers away from the glow of a computer monitor and without the temptation to click to the next link. We hope you will join us by unplugging from the internet and visiting CEG to see these photographs the way they were intended — in print.

Our latest installment of Ctrl+P features the work of Caitlin Teal Price. Caitlin was born in Chicago, IL, and grew up in Washington, DC. She received her BFA in photography from the Parsons School of Design in 2002, and her MFA from the Yale School of Art in 2009. She has exhibited both internationally and nation wide and her work is in the collection of the Robert V. Fullerton Art Museum in San Bernardino, CA. Her work has been featured in publications including The New Yorker, The Washington Post Magazine, Details, Vogue, Vice, Nylon, Capricious magazine, Sony Music and Universal Pictures. Caitlin currently lives and works in Washington, DC.

Leslie , 2010

In Annabelle, Annabelle women stand transfixed in and among severe everyday landscapes, connected to the world by the objects surrounding them. Each frame is carefully constructed but what lies just beyond is uncertain, perhaps threatening and ultimately left for wonder. These women, with strength and wisdom in the depth of their age, stand boldly and carefully alone, and offer us the opportunity to create stories about life and death, power and vulnerability, magnificence and uncertainty. — Caitlin Teal Price

Marge, under overpass, 2009

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