Two new additions to The Chicago Project

We are pleased to announce two new additions to The Chicago ProjectPatricia Lay-Dorsey and Joyce P. Lopez. Be sure to visit The Chicago Project online gallery to see more images by both artists after reading about their projects below.

Patricia Lay-Dorsey

Falling Into Place: self portraits
So many stories are told of persons with disabilities from the outside looking in. Often portrayed as tragic and/or brave, it is easy to lose sight of our common humanity. We are seen as other. For years I resisted and resented this attitude whenever I encountered it in person, print or online. In June 2008 I started taking self portraits that would show from the inside the day-to-day life of a person with a disability; that person being myself.

As subject, I was surprised by my feelings of shame and “otherness.” As photographer, my differences were interesting rather than shameful. As viewer of the photos, I saw how hard my body works to do what I ask of it. If anyone had to change their attitude, it was me.

Self Portrait 16, 2009
Self Portrait 6, 2009

Joyce P. Lopez

The Trouble With Birds
100,000 birds die annually on their bi-annual migratory flights and while all the birds in this series are dead, they are beautiful biological specimens worthy of reverence, and visual contemplation.

Climate change is affecting migratory birds, others succumb to accidents, changes in available food, disease, etc. These birds are warning us about our impact on the environment, and to take responsibility. In the illustrative, detailed style of Audubon’s paintings of birds, I am seeking to call attention to their plummeting populations and difficulties.

Cardinal Foot, 2008 © Joyce P. Lopez
Cardinal Wing with Feather, 2008 © Joyce P. Lopez