New Addition to The Chicago Project

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to The Chicago Project, Anthony Vizzari. Anthony is a trained architect, photographer and artist, with a passion for urban archeology (an archtographist). A native of Connecticut, Anthony began his creative pursuits at ACES Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven. Vizzari received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2002, and a Masters of Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley, in 2005. Vizzari is also the founder of the Museum of Mourning Photography & Memorial Practice. Below are three of Anthony’s pieces along with his artist statement. Be sure to visit Anthony’s Chicago Project page to see more of his work.

Lipsticks, Smoke Stacks & Pearls , 2011
The Birthday Girl , 2011
The Bridal Suite, 2011

Behind every photograph is a fire unseen. Broken hearts, a mountain view, family feuds, and odysseys, are trapped in life-still. With corners neatly pinned to black paper, the snapshot bawls from under its careful designation as personal record. The scrapbook is a diary, where if it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, the compilation is an inferno raging against scotch-tape, glue, and careful penmanship.

The images from this series were manufactured from vintage negatives, recently printed on expired paper stock (circa 1965 to 1990: using traditional fiber based papers such as Kodabromide, Kodak Polycontrast, Oriental, Etc.). Scrapbook images from original found photos are then collaged with these silver-halide (B&W) prints. Traditionally crude “scrapbook” materials are used in image manipulation (i.e., glue, tape, fire, scissors, paper, photo corners, construction paper, etc.)