The Chicago Project IV: Shane Welch

Tomorrow [Friday, September 2] is the last day to see The Chicago Project IV exhibition. We will even be open until 7 pm tonight for First Thursdays, so stop in after work—then you can head to one of these restaurants for special offers.

Below are three images by Chicago Project artist, Shane Welch, along with his artist statement. If you’d like to learn more about his work, visit the show page and click on the film clapper next to his images.

Security, 2010

On January 17, 2010 my younger brother left home without word or warning. Most of his clothes and possessions remained, and his room still appeared to be lived in. Months went by before anyone, friends or family, knew where he was or that he was even safe. His notes, clothes, poetry, journal, miscellaneous objects and the images on his wall were nearly all we had to remember him by. The events and issues surrounding and leading up to his sudden disappearance inspired this series of photographs entitled Home.

—Shane Welch

Workspace, 2010
Room Reflection, 2010