The Chicago Project IV: Troy Flinn

This is the last week for The Chicago Project IV exhibition [it ends on Friday, September 2], so get in here and see the show! In the meantime, enjoy two images by Chicago Project artist, Troy Flinn, along with his artist statement. If you’d like to learn more about his work, visit the show page and click on the film clapper next to his images.

Untitled #5, 2008

In my “Nightscapes” project, I photographed landscapes in Chicago that were usually occupied with people but were momentarily empty at the time of photographing.  I executed most of this project in the later hours of the night when the majority of foot traffic and moving vehicles had ceased.  I chose the subject of the nightscape because I have always been attracted to the luminous street lights that take over the city once the sun goes down.  By using multiple exposures I was then able to extract more light out of a given situation than what was actually there.  This helped to create a surreal look and feel to the images I have photographed.

Keeping major cities like Chicago clean is an important aspect of continuous maintenance and upkeep.  However, even in the nicest areas, grime and dirt still appears because it is impossible to keep everything clean all of the time.  Yet, once the sun goes down and the night lights turn on, the majority of the dirt is concealed. I believe that’s when the city is transformed into a dreamlike landscape that is pure and clean.  My camera only helps to capture this nightly makeover that naturally occurs with or without my presence.

—Troy Flinn

Untitled #3, 2007