Under the Big Top with Elizabeth Ernst

Under the Big Top: The Fine Art of the Circus in America opened yesterday at The University of Vermont’s Robert Hull Fleming Museum. Elizabeth Ernst’s piece, The Final Act, 2007, is included in the show alongside a group of fantastic artists whose work focuses on circus performers and themes.

In Elizabeth’s piece the woman in the photograph is  her mother. The feet have been painted on and the face has been painted over to  make her a little less recognizable. The hands however are still the original photograph.  The piece is based on her mother who was heroic, much like the elegant women in the circus and their knowledge that all things come to an end. This piece was made shortly after her mother passed away.


The Final Act, 2007

The Robert Hull Fleming Museum
Under the Big Top: The Fine Art of the Circus in America
January 25 – May 22, 2011

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