Julie Blackmon’s Queen

Julie Blackmon’s images are largely influenced by Dutch & Flemish painters. In some of her photographs, such as Portrait, 2009, Julie is inspired by specific paintings. Such is the case for Julie’s newest photograph, Queen, 2010. This photograph references Diego Velázquez’s painting Las Meninas (Spanish for The Maids of Honor).  The idea came to Julie during Halloween.  Julie’s niece, the child in white, was the Princess and the Frog for Halloween. Seeing her in the white dress reminded Julie of the young Infanta Margarita in Velázquez’s painting.

Queen, 2010 – SOLD OUT

It is hard to mention Las Meninas without also thinking of another CEG Artist, Joel-Peter Witkin. Below is Joel’s version Las Meninas, NM, 1987.

Las Meninas, NM, 1987 © Joel-Peter Witkin

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