New images by Achim Lippoth

If you have ever been to Achim Lippoth’s website, you have seen the selection of videos that start upon entering the site. The videos are all set to music and range in content from short videos of a young dancing star, Marcel, to home-movie-type videos. Recently added is a fantastic video titled “Fashionshow”. Produced for Kid’s Wear, it films children as they are asked to do specific things, like jump as high as you can,  make extreme faces, and scream as loud as you can.

Achim captures children at their best – dancing, wreaking havoc and, most commonly, looking extremely fashionable. Visit Achim’s “Latest” section on his website to see new images he shot on his last trip to the Philippines and new images that are included in the latest publication of Kid’s Wear Magazine (Vol. 31).

© Achim Lippoth

© Achim Lippoth

© Achim Lippoth

© Achim Lippoth

All images © Achim Lippoth

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